Decaf Scheduling

Decaf Scheduling

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Decaf is a web application designed to help small businesses schedule their employees, manage hours worked and track timeliness and attendance. It was created as a Directed Studies project and is a fully functional prototype. Visit the project site to see a working demo.

As this was an individual project, I was responsible for the specification, research, design and programming. I worked with a faculty member to set goals and address challenges as they came up.

Web Application

In the past I’ve created an asset management web application, a time off request website, a form mailer / mail merge tool and a few mobile projects too. Most of them are internal for businesses, though, so I wanted to create something that I could share freely. I decided to approach small business scheduling for the project, since its an area that seems underserved by existing software and has lots of data to gather work with (availability, schedule, punches).

PHP + MySQL + Javascript

This was very much a design and programming intensive project. In order to demonstrate my well-rounded programming and presentation skills, I created nearly the entire system from scratch. The back end is based on a MySQL database and PHP logic. It uses a number functions to determine when employees are available to work, and can understand all kinds of input. The font end is built with HTML, CSS and Javascript (jQuery) to update live without the need to reload pages.