Filmmakers Building

Filmmakers Building

The assigned task was to design a space that fit a selected program on one of three sites in Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park. The building created was to include a number of parts including a stand up café, private cafeteria, sleeping area, and working space among others.

This was a collaborative project with a group of skilled individuals. I contributed greatly to the ideation, research, presentation design and pitch of the project.

Design Process

The project was the result of a massive team effort, and several weeks of iteration and refinement. We started by considering the design brief and site. An important focus of the project was the quality of design decisions. Each choice such as the site, parti, materials, space planning, fixtures and scale people had to be made as an informed decision. Wherever possible we used precedents to lend us guidance, and show how similar ideas had worked well in the past.

Presentation & Pitch

Equally as important as the research and modelling aspects of the project was how we got our ideas accords. Each week our group pitched to an audience ranging from two people up to nearly one hundred people. We used foam models, high quality slide design, photo-realistic renderings and keen public speaking skills in order to present our work in the best light possible. Our group received praise for presenting seamlessly and within time limitations.