Imbue Design

Imbue Design

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Imbue Merchandising and Design’s website is a resource for potential customers to learn more about their business, their services and the products they offer. It’s also home to a portfolio, contact info and links to their social media presence.

I helped develop Imbue’s identity design, built their website and regularly photograph their work. The photos are featured on their website, portfolio books and shared with builders and property developers.

Website Design

The Imbue website is a static HTML / CSS website. Its very simple, and focuses heavily on their work. Minimal animation (jQuery) and formatting help provide a rich interaction with the site. In the coming months we are planning to add a blog to site so the owners can publish their ideas.

Interior Photography

Representing an interior designer’s work can be a challenge. I worked directly with the owners to ensure that we were capturing what they wanted to share with the world. Hundreds of photos are captured for each project–and we worked together to select only the best images.