Online Banking

Online Banking Redesign

Project Video

The goal of the project was to take an existing interface (the online banking service of a major Canadian financial institution) and redesign it to better meet the needs of its users. We set out to learn about the the people who use the service, their needs and goals. Then we conducted a heuristic evaluation and user testing to determine what was working and falling short–and based our new design around solving issues and providing clearer pathways for of the site.

I contributed greatly to the design and implementation of the project. I created many of the original sketches, coded the working prototype and edited the project video.

Design Process

This project demonstrates my ability to take an existing product and pick out its fundamental purpose and strengths. Not just build on top of it, but use design reasoning and research to recreate it as something better.

Web Application

The prototype has a working login system, allows users to transfer money between accounts, and has functional buttons and animation. It stands as a simple example of my HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP skills.