Repair Tracker

Repair Tracker

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The repair tracker is a web application designed to help businesses and repair shops organize their ongoing repairs, schedule service, create documents and communicate with their customers. It was created proof of concept, based on a real business, and is a fully functional application.

As this was an individual project, I was responsible for the specification, research, design and programming of the repair tracker.

Web Application

Taking the paper out of paperwork. A repair shop is a busy place: dozens (or hundreds) of ongoing repairs, several employees sharing work, and all kinds of inventory to keep track of. Doesn’t it seem silly that many small repair shops use paper records, or none at all, to keep track of their jobs?

The repair tracker offers a solution for employees to collaborate with each other, and communicate with their customers using internet. My web application can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or phone–and offers features that prevent customers from needing to create pesky accounts or passwords to keep tabs on their service.

PHP + MySQL + Javascript

This was a fun project to work on! There are all kinds of different objects to work with and store in the relational database. Customers own products, repairs have products, parts are used in repairs, employees modify repairs, notes are added to repairs, statuses are attached to repairs. Employees and customers have different access. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I also explored the use of more AJAX to simplify the experience for users–wether they’re on mobile or desktop. I thought about new ways to provide varying levels of access (token based, hashed and salted passwords, employee vs customer) and secure certain functions on the system.