QSesame is a Homebridge plugin that allows you to control Sesame smart locks with Siri by integrating with HomeKit. See more on GitHub or on NPM.


Currently these features are supported:

  • Lock the Sesame
  • Unlock the Sesame
  • Check the current state
  • Check the battery level
  • Battery low warning

In order to use QSesame you must have:

  1. A Sesame smart lock with API access enabled
  2. The Vritual Station app or WiFi Access Point
  3. NodeJS and NPM installed
  4. Homebridge installed (with accessory added to config.json)


You can install QSesame via NPM by issuing the following command:

sudo npm install -g homebridge-qsesame

Then you should update your Homebridge config.json with an accessory entry for each Sesame.

"accessory" : "QSesame",
"name" : "LOCK_NAME",
"username" : "EMAIL_ADDRESS",
"password" : "SESAME_PASSWORD"

Where LOCKNAME is the name of your Sesame as it appears in the Sesame app, EMAILADDRESS is the email you use to login, and SESAME_PASSWORD is the password.

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